Financial Radiance completes 6 glorious years – A perspective

6 Years Anniversary

On 6 years completion at Financial Radiance, here’s my perspective.
Morgan Stanley India – Why is this India’s Decade?
Despite the Global turmoil, India’s markets are nearly at an all-time high.
Regulatory Changes – Mobile and e-mail verification. Nominee authentication
This year gone by, marked a rollback as the world moved back to a New Normal post-Corona.
There has been a turmoil in the markets globally this year, which is reflected in higher interest rates and inflation globally.
Stress between Russia & Ukraine continues and the war which was expected to end shortly continues for the past 10 months. As a result, fuel prices have hiked which has impacted forex reserves for the country. To protect the reserves, RBI had taken a decision in Feb 2022, to disallow inflows into international mutual funds.
Assets Under Management (AUM) is fast approaching Rs 100 Crores and I am likely to achieve this milestone by the next financial year. SIP booked by me currently is about Rs 85 lakhs a month. After the AUM touches the figure, I would be subject to audit by Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI). Processes followed by AMFI for all mutual fund intermediaries are already very watertight, but if there are still any gaps, these are identified in such audits, and therefore, this milestone provides an impetus to me to strengthen the practice further.
Working towards setting up a partnership firm. Also evaluating other reporting softwares to assess if more value can be provided to clients.
Successfully digitized both Back-end processes and front-end processes.
Helping hand @ Financial Radiance – My wife, Lalita, who is a Mass communications professional, joined the practice on a freelancing basis this year.
We have moved to a new location within Greater Noida, into our New home, wherein I now have a dedicated office space for myself.
Vision for My Clients – During the course of my entire practice, I would like to build 50 dollar millionaires and 200 Crorepatis (Rupee denominated). I am very confident that this would be achievable with the continued support from everyone and with the focus on continuing to believe in India’s growth story, for this decade and beyond ……
Until next year, bye from me, and I shall be back with my perspective on completing 7 years at Financial Radiance.

Financial Radiance completes 5 years – A perspective

5 years at Financial Radiance

Financial Radiance completes 5 years on December 1, 2021. I am pleased to inform you that I am working with more than 250 clients. The company has an AUM of about Rs 65 crores with a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) book of over Rs 60 lakhs a month. When the lockdown was announced last year, there was no impact on the day-to-day operations of the business.

Financial Radiance has been doing in-depth research on the mutual fund industry. There are more than 3000 funds in the industry spread across 45 Asset Management Companies (AMCs). Access to AMCs also helps us in asking the right questions and identifying the best products for our clients.

We launched a tie-up with a new Service, Beyond life services, wherein in case of untimely death of a member, a relationship manager gets assigned by My Wealth Protector. The annual plan is available for Rs 1,499 while a 5 years plan is for Rs 5,999. if you decide to subscribe from my website providing the mentioned coupon code, you get a flat 30% discount.

The last five years have been immensely satisfying as I see my role as a catalyst helping people achieve financial freedom. There are certain regrets too in this profession. But, life must go on and as I said, I can only be a catalyst but not the decision-maker.

After staying in South India for 21 years, my family decided to relocate to Greater Noida. I would like to thank all my investors who stood by me when I discussed with them my personal decision to relocate from Hyderabad.

Until next year, bye from me, and I shall be back with my perspective on completing 6 years at Financial Radiance.

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