Who Can Benefit

Financial Radiance caters to clients across varied professions, age groups and regions. We do understand that everyone is busy in building their own career and managing their own finances is not something which could excite everyone and some may see may see this very boring. Time is a scarce commodity.

This is where Financial Radiance plugs in the gap by helping you manage your investments while you continue to follow your dreams. We see our role as a catalyst and an influence in getting our clients to make the right decision for their wellness and prosperity in their financial lives.

We follow a very holistic and structured approach:

• No one-size-fits-all and therefore the need for a customized financial solution
• Understanding your dreams, doing a suitability check, time horizons, emotional anchors and then providing the incidental advice to help you achieve your financial dreams
• You may have lot of ambitions what you want to achieve. We help you determine what would be achievable based on the plan.
• Provide right perspective and expectations, and arrive at what realistically would be achievable
• Understanding complete financial picture including dreams and fears
• Online implementation with minimal paperwork
• “Run-rate” is monitored periodically and action is taken only if needed to ensure achievement of objectives
• Portfolio monitoring and rebalancing asset allocation, if needed, due to changes in life situations or conditions in capital markets