Investment Execution


“I intend sending my children to premium institutes for higher education”

“Should I buy that house I am eyeing for a long time, or should I continue to stay in a rented house?”

“Inflation is rising, will I be able to maintain the same lifestyle, after retirement?”

“I am the sole earner of my family, if I were to face a job retrenchment; will my children’s future suffer? What if I am no longer there, or I am incapacitated and not able to work?”

Our purpose is to provide the right amount of resources/money, at the right point of time, in the right hands. In other words, one who is financially free has the ability to:

  1. Do what he wants to do
  2. When he wants to do it
  3. The way he wants to do it. 

These solutions are not limited to achieving only the objectives; it also takes care of the risks that a client is exposed to, while on the path towards financial freedom.

We believe that investment recommendation process is very important. For this, it is very important for us to understand the client – objectives, time horizon for investment and the suitability.

After extensive discussions with you, Financial Radiance arrives at the asset allocation and then determine the appropriate products which are needed for investment. Financial Radiance predominantly helps clients in achieving their goals through investments in mutual funds. Selectively, we also recommend investing through Portfolio Management Services (PMS) especially in those countries where there could be regulatory concerns in investing through mutual funds. The research is also a continuous process. Regular meetings with the fund managers for various funds – whether in person or over phone conference calls also help in this process as it is very important to understand their perspectives on the macro economy, industry outlook and their approach towards investments.

The process of implementation is seamless with minimal documentation. The mutual fund investments are done through the BSE Star MF Platform. For the PMS, we have a tie-up with a leading organization which has the expertise and access to all the PMS schemes and therefore we are able to make the most optimum selection depending on the objectives, suitability profile and time horizon of our clients.

For tracking of investments, the clients are provided with an App (both on IOS and Android platforms) wherein portfolio valuation happens on a daily basis along with the availability of various reports such as Portfolio Summary, Capital Gains etc. Alternatively, the portfolio can also be access through Client login on our website. Seamless investment implementation reduces the operational work and provides us the opportunity to work on more value-added services like interacting with clients, portfolio reviews, research etc.