Financial Radiance offers customized investment solutions to its clients, helping them achieve their financial goals, considering their risk profiles, time horizons and asset allocation.

Financial Radiance also conducts educational sessions in Schools, Colleges & Corporates across India, educating people on personal finances as a long-term structured planning focus towards meeting goals and not merely as a tax saving mechanism. To know more about us…


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Financial Radiance completes three successful years. What a Roller coaster ride! Read more about journey…

Financial Radiance conducts educational sessions…

Gallery has pictures taken at some of these sessions! 

Our Philosophy


“Rajesh has been both a personal and professional advisor for me in the difficult terrain of financial planning and financial products. He has a in-depth knowledge of current and future economic events and is agile to recommend measures to avoid asset risk. He is available and very supportive in the logistics of executing the plan he makes together with you. Thanks Rajesh.”
— Head, Product & Strategic Business Initiatives, leading technology firm

“I got to know of Rajesh from one of my relatives. From the start Rajesh was very professional and what I liked about him was that he was never pushy to get me into just something, his approach to first understand the requirements, needs and the simple effective tools he used help me first understand my financial goals. His friendly approach and guidance have been great and I regret for not getting to know of his services earlier. However, the continuous support over phone, emails make it easy to reach out to him at any time. The total package right from his services and advises are awesome and would surely continue to recommend him. I wish Rajesh and his venture the very best.”
— Vendor Manager, leading technology firm
“I have been working with Rajesh for past 3 – 4 years and I have had a very enriching experience. Rajesh is very thorough with his domain knowledge. His expertise in financial planning has always helped me buy the right products suitable for my overall financial goals and avoid financial blunders. The thing I really like about Rajesh is, he is always available to talk and his calm and composed attitude makes me feel comfortable talking to him. I also, enjoy reading his messages/e-mails on financial industry trend and helping me stay up-to-date about trends. 

Overall, I would highly recommend Rajesh, as he is very passionate about financial planning and would always look for the best interest of his clients.”
— Digital Manager, financial firm
“In 2015, I was searching for a CFP in Hyderabad directory and had the opportunity to talk to Rajesh Minocha. I was nearing my retirement age and wanted recommendation on personal finance investment, considering my age and risk profile. I was very impressed with his professionalism, client centric thoughts and Integrity. I wish him all the best.”
— Chief Manager, leading gas distribution firm
“I had been a novice to financial planning due to which I had financial distress and debts. Rajesh worked with me providing guidance which helped me in faster closure of all my debts with Bank. I am now a debt free person within a short span of time. I am now investing my money towards building wealth. I wish him all the best in his mission towards enlightening the financial lives of others.”
— Senior Manager, leading investment management firm
“Rajesh is an expert financial advisor and a thorough professional. His approach to understand customer’s need and defining an investment plan accordingly is unmatchable. I have hardly come across someone who is so diligent and detail oriented as Rajesh. His in-depth product knowledge and awareness on financial market is a big plus. His customer service attitude and delivering the service on time is an icing on the cake. It’s been an incredible experience working with Rajesh. I wish him all the success in building his business and becoming a number one player in this market.”
— Senior Transformation Leader, leading financial institution