Loan Against Mutual Funds

Loan against mutual funds

“I need a loan urgently. If I go to Banks, they will take some time. I do not have time to even go to the Bank.”

“My CIBIL score is not good and I may not get the loan.”

“Currently markets are not doing well and I do not want to sell my mutual funds and shares. What to do?”

“Interest rates are so high. Where can I get loan at a cheaper interest rate?”

“I need flexibility. I am expecting a payment in the next few weeks. I need a loan only for short duration and I do not want to pay foreclosure charges.”

We have a solution for you. Lien them and take a loan at just 9% p.a. interest rate. All within 15 minutes!

Maximum loan eligibility is 45% for equity mutual funds and 80% for debt funds. ELSS (tax saver) funds under lock-in and closed-ended funds are not considered.

Interest is charged on a monthly basis only for the days you take the loan. Part-payment and foreclosure of loans can be done online at any time.

Once you have created a line of credit, at any time, the loan can be taken (subject to that limit) or paid back online instantly.

Excellent option for business professionals who need a convenient line of credit available to them, always. The best part is business professionals can also claim interest as business expenses for a tax deduction!

An excellent option for salaried professionals who are considering taking an expensive personal loan or credit card debt.

Contact us immediately to know the process, if interested. Taking a loan to fund your pleasures is never a good option. But if you must take a loan and have assets, then certainly this is a very good option to consider.