Personalized financial advice: 6 reasons why it is different

Why Financial Advice is personalized

Why is financial advice personalized? Last week, I had written a blog on why we need a financial planner. This week, it is a follow-up on the same topic wherein I present my thoughts on why financial advice is personalized and why one size does not fit all. Financial illiteracy in schools and colleges: This […]

Why do I need Financial Planner when I know how to invest


Why do we need a Financial Planner? This is a very sensitive and a commonly discussed topic amongst personal finance groups. What is the value of what a financial planner or the financial advisor or the financial coach (whatever name they are called), brings to the table. I would like to put some of my […]

Success Story: IFA in Hyderabad after 21 years corporate experience

IFA in Hyderabad

Success Story: Becoming an IFA after 21 years experience My Success Story posted at¬† I am a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). After working for over 21 years for companies like ICICI & Franklin Templeton, I decided to follow my passion and became an IFA in Dec 2016. It has been a great journey since I […]

2 Years @ Financial Radiance : My perspective as a Financial Advisor

2 Years @ Financial Radiance : My Perspective as a Financial Advisor On 1st December 2018, I complete my two years as an entrepreneur after having worked for over 21 years in the corporate sector. What a roller coaster ride it has been as a financial planner! Further, on the second anniversary, I am very […]

1 Year @ Financial Radiance: My perspective as a Financial Planner

1 Year @ Financial Radiance: My Perspective as a Financial Planner Time flies! It feels like yesterday when I was leaving Franklin Templeton with mixed sentiments of leaving an Organisation where I had been for more than 10 years and liked the culture and the environment and another of the joy of going independent in […]