Why power of compounding is 8th Wonder of the World!

Power of compounding

Many investors wonder how mutual funds returns are achieved, and how the power of compounding in mutual funds plays a major role. When discussing mutual funds, the primary consideration is often the potential for returns over the long term. To explore this concept further, let us start with a story. In a busy city, Alex […]

Retire on your terms: A Guide to Holistic Retirement

Retire on your terms

Retire how you want, not how others want you to!   Have you been struggling to maintain a work-life balance? Are you working just to pay your bills? Is your job aligned with your passion? Are you striving for financial freedom? Retirement can be an exciting time, but it can also be overwhelming if you’re […]

How Much Is Enough Money For You?

  It’s easy to get caught up in the rat race and forget to enjoy life. However, it is important to consider, how much money is enough for you? How much money do you need to be happy?   to comfortably retire? to have a good life? According to a survey by Bankrate.com, nearly half of […]

7 ‘Wants’ management tips for Effective financial health

7 ‘Wants’ management tips for Effective financial health “If you buy things you DO NOT NEED, soon you will have to sell things that you NEED” – Warren Buffett   It is possible to categorize all of our expenses and spending activities into two categories: “necessities” and “wants” for effective financial planning. When you spend […]

What is Reverse Mortgage loan – An option for retirees?

Reverse Mortgage as Retirement Planning

Reverse Mortgage Loan – An Option for Retirees? Reverse Mortgage Loan – This is useful for the retirees who have not planned enough for retirement and are in need of cashflow for their regular expenses. We willl get into details on this later. I have written numerous articles on retirement planning and why it is […]

How to write a Will? Is it necessary and what should it contain?


Writing A Will – is it necessary In my interactions with few people, I have heard a lot of questions about the need of Will and the lack of awareness of the same. So, this week, I decided to prepare a write up on such an important topic of Estate Planning. Some questions which come […]

Debt in retirement? 5 options to consider if you end up with it


Debt in Retirement – Liability Management Retirement? How often we wish to have a retired life, free from all tensions and work pressures. Some have a vision of relaxing on a beach, travelling all over the World or simply relaxing with a coffee in hand! Some want to do social work for which they were […]