6 tips to increase Home loan eligibility

Home loan eligibility

6 tips to increase Home loan eligibility In my previous blog, I mentioned how loan eligibility is calculated and what are the factors which are looked into before a bank decides to sanction a loan to you. You may need a higher loan than the bank is willing to provide, so how your loan can […]

Reasons for loan rejection and 4 action steps to be taken

Rejected loan application?

Rejected loan application? Here are 4 action steps Most of the investors take some kind of loan and when they are not able to pay the EMIs on time or default on the loan, their CIBIL report gets messed up and they don’t get further loans in future. Have you ever had a rejected loan […]

Check out these 9 home loan tips to reduce home loan anxiety

Taking a home loan? Have you checked these 9 home loan tips? Almost everyone goes through the process of taking a home loan during their lifetime at least once, mostly more than once. This could be either for self-occupation of the house or as an investment. Whether to rent or buy is a separate discussion […]