Reasons for loan rejection and 4 action steps to be taken

Rejected loan application?

Rejected loan application? Here are 4 action steps Most of the investors take some kind of loan and when they are not able to pay the EMIs on time or default on the loan, their CIBIL report gets messed up and they don’t get further loans in future. Have you ever had a rejected loan […]

17 credit card tips to use it effectively!

17 tips to use a Credit card effectively!

17 tips to use a Credit card effectively! Before we get into tips for using credit cards more effectively, first, let us understand why are banks giving various types of credit cards for free or at a very nominal cost. What’s in for them? How are they making money? How banks make money? We all […]

Is my credit score good? Here’s how you can find out


Credit Score – Why is it important? Why is it really important to know the credit score?  Wouldn’t you really want to know what the lenders think about you? What is a good credit score? What happens if this score is low? How to improve your credit score? What if it is a good score […]