Retirement Planning

I do not wish to become a financial burden on my children in my old age..

I want to leave a legacy for my children/grandchildren…

I should have a regular income in my old age..

I aspire to have a Summer home and continue to travel after my retirement..

Retirement planning refers to a state of being able to earn a steady income through certain assets or set aside money so that working after a particular age becomes a choice rather than a necessity.

Financial Radiance helps you in assessing how much money would you really need for your retirement. Retirement has a different meaning for different people. While some would just want to put their feet up and relax, there are others who plan for a second innings during retirement, like volunteering, social activities, extended vacations, second career, pursuing education etc.


We need to be retired ready to develop some immunity to unforeseen turns that life takes, to pay for unforeseen medical expenses, typically associated with old age and to be able to leave behind some financial legacy for our children/grandchildren.

We help you think about what your ambition is, help you quantify funds needed for the same and then work towards achieving those goals by the time you retire.