Non Resident Indians

Financial Radiance understands that Non Resident Indians (NRIs) may be away from India, but are always rooted to your own country. They do have a desire to participate in India story, contribute to the growth and also earn higher returns in the process. The high returns are needed not only to fund their current goals and lifestyle, but it is critical if there is a desire to eventually retire in India. NRIs need to plan to build a corpus large enough to beat the inflation rate and by investing long term they would be able to take compounding to their advantage.

The entire process of investing is online with minimal documentation. We provide expert guidance on Country-specific regulations, understanding of the same and imparting. We also provide guidance on operational matters like Know Your Customer (KYC) as an NRI, NRE / NRO bank accounts. Other relevant services are provided below:

Financial Planning
Retirement planning
Investment recommendation & implementation
Tax efficient planning