Retiring from work should not mean, retiring from life. After having worked for many years, you need and deserve a peaceful, assured life, where you still prefer to maintain your financial independence. While financial security is a key requirement for a successful and happy retirement, we should also not ignore the other non-financial aspects related to retirement.

Whether you are going to retire soon, or have already retired, Financial Radiance can partner with you in making smart decisions regarding your financial investments. Steady income is important; risk taking should get minimal at this stage. Operational matters like Will / succession planning should be in place. Other services relevant for this category would be:

Retirement planning
Investment recommendation & implementation
Tax efficient planning
Advice on operational matters

Investing savings wisely is as important as earning a living, but lack of time and also necessary expertise puts this important take a backseat. Investment planning is something that cannot be replicated as it is from someone else.

Investment planning has certain common aspects for all employees across sectors, age groups and hierarchies like the need for saving taxes as per Income Tax Regulations, and availability of regular and predicable cash flows despite job related stress and uncertain employment market.

However, there could be unique aspects too, either sector specific or based on socio economic status. We spend a lot of time talking to people understand them before arriving at recommendations, on